Widex Senso Vita SV 38


For hearing aids Widex Senso Vita SV 38 has three Number of channels. Hearing aids SENSO VITA have the most long battery life in its class. The noise microphones and whistling hearing aid eliminated special programs. The digital processor automatically adjusts the gain of the hearing aid. The most powerful hearing aid series from Senso Vita.


  • Number of tires  :4
  • Number of Channels :3
  • remote :no
  • Analogue / digital  :digital
  • Audio Input  :Yes
  • Battery Size :675 (blue)
  • Empty battery indicator :yes
  • Binaural communication :no
  • compression :yes
  • Datalogging  :no
  • Directional microphone :no
  • Feedback System (anti-flute) :yes
  • colors available :8
  • Tamper proof battery compartment :yes
  • Telecoil serving loop :yes
  • Blanking pulse sounds :no
  • Voice Recognition :yes
  • Volume Control :Option
  • Wind Noise Reduction :Yes
  • Self-learning system :no

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