Widex Real RE-9


Widex Real RE-9 behind-the-ear 3-channel hearing aid. The Widex REAL series is the first hearing aid which is designed with the popular ISP technology platform. Widex REAL ensures availability of the ISP at various levels of all range of Widex hearing aids. The Widex REAL series is mainly designed to provide good sound quality to the user with easy usability. The optimum benefits of the core audiological are provided by the product by keeping focus on the need of the listening comfort and speech intelligibility of the users.


  • Integration and storage of knowledge
  • 3 bands/3 channels
  • Speech and noise tracer
  • S/N ratio tracer
  • Spatial sound tracer
  • Spatial feedback tracer
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range Compression
  • Locator
  • Feedback cancelling
  • Classic noise reduction
  • Battery monitor
  • EcoTech II
  • Multi-point microphone matching
  • DAI auto-detect
  • Telecoil
  • Basic Sensogram


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