Widex Mind M2 – 9


Hearing Widex Mind M2 – 9 are based on the advanced platform Widex. Dual Integrated Signal Processing or Dual ISP. Mind 220 is the first hearing aid economy class, equipped with a range extender generator audible and voice messages Smart Speak.

Mind 220 is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the benefits of high-quality, digital sound and proven technology – all at an affordable price. Here, we provide Free home delivery option for India and also ships products over world wide at fixed low price rate. It is a reliable product for cost conscious client and one of the most sold online products in categories of Audiological equipment.


  • Compression 5 channels
  • 5-channel precision locator
  • Extender range of audibility
  • EDRC (Compression in the extended dynamic range)
  • Generator voice messages SmartSpeak
  • Generator beeps SmartTone
  • Up to three listening programs
  • Remote Control (optional)
  • Volume control (optional)
  • Program button
  • Telecoil
  • Automatic detection of audio equipment (DAI)
  • VUZD 90 dB: 123
  • Suitable for compensation I – III degree of hearing loss (mild to severe)


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