Widex Flash FL-9


Series hearing aids Widex Flash FL-9   is an excellent example of how the development of the industry of modern digital technology has made it possible to develop hearing aids that offer the user a number of advantages: a good speech intelligibility, natural sound reproduction and excellent listening comfort. And all this – at a reasonable price.

Digital sound processing technology enhances optimal speech and at the same time prevents the loud sounds were perceived as uncomfortable.


  • 5 bands/5 channels
  • Sound Diary with long-term data logging
  • Speech and noise tracer
  • S/N ratio tracer
  • Feedback tracer
  • Spatial sound tracer
  • Flash Locator
  • Flash feedback cancelling
  • Active Noise Reduction with SIS
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range Compression
  • Battery monitor
  • EcoTech II
  • Multi-point microphone matching
  • DAI auto-detect


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