Widex Bravo B2


Widex Bravo B2 is 2-channel digital hearing aid device. Bravo is a hearing aid for initial level that includes stable performance in different situations. Listening comfort, natural sound and good speech reproduction is offered by the product. The requirement of digital hearing aids of high quality is met by the product. The product comes in affordable price.


  • 2 channel DSP (Digital Signal Processing)  
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression 
  • Automatic speech understanding and enjoyment issue management 
  • Digital adapt philosophy (500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz)  
  • feedback whistling management 
  • Digital volume control (except CIC, B2X optional)  
  • MT-MT programs are available on all models (except CIC)  
  • Minimum noise level during digital processing 
  • Interference with mobile phones protection 
  • Long battery life  
  • Sound indicator exchange programs, the exhausted and sound regulatory element


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