Widex Bravo B12


Series hearing aids Widex Bravo B12  is an excellent example of how the development of the industry of modern digital technology has made it possible to develop hearing aids that offer the user a number of advantages: a good speech intelligibility, natural sound reproduction and excellent listening comfort. And all this – at a reasonable price.

Digital sound processing technology enhances optimal speech and at the same time prevents the loud sounds were perceived as uncomfortable.

Bravo Hearing aids are designed for use in a relatively quiet listening environments where the conditions for the perception of sound is not too difficult and tedious for the user.


  • 2 channel DSP (Digital Signal Processing).
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression to maximise speech intelligibility and listening comfort.
  • Feedback Risk Management for reduction of acoustic feedback.
  • Variable crossover frequency.
  • Special digital fi tting philosophy based on keyed-in audiometric values.
  • Digital Volume Control (± 6 dB range) with beep-tone adjustment indicator.
  • M, MT, and T program switch. The telecoil frequency response is equalised, making it identical to that of the microphone.
  • Long battery life of approximately 375 hours.
  • Low battery beep-tone indicator.
  • Minimal audible internal noise due to special processing.
  • Direct audio input.
  • Tamper resistant battery drawer.
  • Available in new Widex colours.
  • CROS and BiCROS adaptor available.
  • Mini-hook available for small ears.


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