Widex Bravissimo BV-8


Widex Bravissimo BV-8  is a high quality, 100% digital hearing aid engineered in the renowned Widex tradition. The Bravissimo series comprises a complete selection of models helping to give everyone access to the significant advantages of digital hearing aids.

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  • 3 channels DSP (Digital Signal Processing).
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression to maximise speech intelligibility and listening comfort.
  • Automatic Feedback Management for reduction of acoustic feedback.
  • Automatically calculated variable crossover frequencies.
  • Easily programmed with Compass/NOAH or SP3.
  • Fitting rationale calculated from 4 audiometric hearing thresholds.
  • Paediatric rationale and ABG compensation.
  • Flexible and accurate fine tuning system including automatically calculated MPO, Insertion Gain adjustment and Feedback verification, all in 3 channels.
  • Microphone Noise Reduction eliminates audible internal noise.
  • Sound Stabilizer combines advantages of fast and slow regulation times to ensure audibility and natural sound quality.
  • Improved input dynamic range.
  • Push-button program selector.
  • Flexible program selection with beep-tone indicator.
  • Equalised telecoil frequency response, adjustable telecoil gain and anti-hum filter.
  • Digital Volume Control (+/- 6 dB range) with beep-tone adjustment indicator.
  • Direct audio input.
  • Tamper resistant battery drawer.
  • CROS and BiCROS adaptor available.
  • Available in 3 standard colours as well as in 7 modern, transparent colours.
  • Long battery life of approximately 450 hours, using a zinc air type 13 battery.
  • Low battery beep-tone indicator.
  • 1MHz/1bit sigma/delta converters.
  • 32 kHz/20 bit processing.
  • Easy and accurate fitting


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