Unitron shine+


The Unitron shine+ is the newest economy hearing aid available from Unitron. The Shine comes standard with some of the most advanced technologies available in an economy-priced hearing aid. With the Shine, Unitron makes available technology such as Speech Enhancement, which automatically makes soft speech easier to hear, without making loud sounds more intense. Anti Shock and Adaptive Direction Microphones work to detect and control sudden uncomfortable sounds and allow you to hear the sounds directly in front of you with better clarity.


  • Speech Enhancement LD: This technology provides users with easier in-noise speech understanding, by automatically amplifying speech sounds in front of the user.
  • AntiShock: This feature automatically reduces sudden, loud impulsive sounds that can be very unpleasant to hear with a hearing aid. This makes sounds like doors slamming, glass breaking, or dishes clanging more pleasant to hear.
  • Adaptive Directional Microphones: Directional microphones can help improve speech understanding by allowing the hearing aids to focus on what is in front of them while reducing the sound to the side and rear.
  • Noise Reduction Technology: This noise-cancelling feature helps dampen loud, distracting background noise in the user’s listening environment. The feature can help make conversations easier by eliminating unimportant sounds, while maintaining important ones, like speech.
  • Feedback Management: This technology is designed to eliminate whistling in the user’s hearing aid before it can be noticed by the hearing aid wearer or anyone around them. Conversations on the phone, where feedback can often be a problem, can be made much more enjoyable with this feature.


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