Unitron Quantum2 E CIC Omni P

28,000.00 20,999.00

Unitron Quantum 2 E CIC Omni P Signature Features 6 Channels : Smart focus available within Each Manual Program and is a Fitter Adjustable Control for Comfort or Clarity . Natural Sound Balance an Adaptive Feature to Minimize Artefacts that Can Occur when amplified Sound Combines in The Ear Canal With Direct Sound. Natural Sound Balance Continuously Monitors These Sounds and Makes Precision Adjustments to Preserve a Clear, Balanced Signal Automatic Adaptation Manager Allows For an Automatic and Smooth Adjustment Period For The Client; Providing the Best Possible First fit acceptance combined With Maximum Long-Term Benefit For Speech Understanding Feedback Manager Offers Maximum Usable Gain By Suppressing Feedback Transients Before they Become Audible Wireless Technology Duolink.

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  • 4 Manual programs.
  • Adaptive Directional Microphone
  • Anti shock™
  • My music™
  • Wind Noise Manager
  • Speech Enhancement Ld
  • Noise Reduction
  • Data Logging
  • Easy-T And Telecoil
  • Dai
  • Optional Unitron Remote Control Or Smart Control .


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