Unitron Quantum 6 W 312 Omni P

37,500.00 28,299.00

Unitron Quantum 6 W 312 Omni P Itc Unitron’s Quantum Hearing Aids are a Series of Fully Automatic Hearing Devices That Deliver Natural, Effortless Hearing to Users. With The Devices Capable of Wireless Connectivity, Users are Provided With Enhanced Enjoyment of His or Her Electronic Devices, Including Their Television, Mobile Phone, Mp3 Player, And More.

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  • Automatic  program with smart focus: with 2 different listening environments.
  • natural sound balance
  • directional microphones
  • duolink
  • antishock
  • feedback manager
  • wind noise manager
  • intellivent
  • data logging
  • mymusic
  • easy-t
  • easy-dai


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