Unitron Quantum 6 micro

37,500.00 29,999.00

Unitron Quantum 6 micro is Unitron’s latest generation of technology product as of fall 2011. Quantum model hearing aids utilize Unitron’s ERA technology which was developed by Sonova . Based in a ultra small sound processor with twice the processing speed available previously and analyzes the sound environment with 46 high resolution sensors to optimize clarity in changing sound situations. The Quantum 6 is the choice for people that want the best price.


  • 3 manual + 3 wireless streaming programs
  • IntelliVent technology available on earmolds and sleeve molds
  • Multi Band adaptive directional microphone
  • Anti Shock™
  • My Music™
  • Speech enhancement LD
  • Noise reduction
  • Wind noise manager
  • Data logging
  • DAI through uDirect
  • Optional wireless programming with iCube


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