Unitron Max E SPM

36,500.00 22,999.00

Unitron Max E Spm Bte, The Hearing Instrument that offers max power and max protection. Max is the only Super Power on the Market With Power Adaptation Manager to Provide the First Fit that clients Expect, Gently and automatically transitioning them to Safer Gain Levels that Will Protect their hearing in the end. Powered By Era, Max Offers Features that are optimized for severe to Profound Hearing Loss and Focused on maximizing Intelligibility without compromising awareness. Fight over Amplification and Provide the Best Possible Long Term Hearing Outcomes With Max. Max Understanding Max Awareness You Need to Understand Speech to Communicate and feel Connected. You Need to be aware of the Sounds around you to feel Comfortable and Safe. Max has Features that Let you Do Both. Hear More Sounds Max Shifts Speech Sounds away From the sreas Where Your Hearing is Most Damaged and into the range Where you can Hear Them. Put The Spotlight on Speech Automatically Experience Better Speech Understanding Without Giving Up Awareness of Everyday Sounds. Listen Without The Whistle Max Provides All The Power You Need Without The Annoying Whistling. Be Comfortably Aware Max Reduces Sudden, Loud Sounds to a Comfortable Level, Without Interrupting Awareness. Enjoy the Phone Again Automatically Hear the Caller’S Voice Clearly in both ears without SN Accessory.


  • Adaptive directional
  • Anti Shock™
  • Wind noise manager
  • DAI
  • Easy-t and Telecoil
  • My Music™
  • Speech enhancement LD
  • Noise reduction
  • Data logging
  • Optional remote controls
  • Optional Smart Alert™ System
  • Optional wireless programming with iCube
  • IntelliVent technology available on custom ear pieces


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