Starkey Wi Series i90 CIC


Starkey Wi Series i90 CIC allow for effortless listening, even in noisy environments, to help bring enjoyable listening back to users who may have lost it. The most advanced innovation of this series of hearing aids is the ability to wirelessly transmit sound from the user’s television, radio, or computer, directly to the user’s hearing aid, through a Surf Link Media streamer.


  • 12 Channels
  • Designed for Vibrant Lifestyle
  • Optinium High-resolution sound imaging
  • Premium Binaural Spatial mapping
  • Synchronized User Adjustments
  • Binaural Telephone Mode
  • Premium Voce iQ2
  • T2 on Demand
  • Invision Directionality
  • PureWave Feedback Eliminator
  • Live Real Ear Measurement
  • Live 3D Speech mapping
  • Self Chek
  • SoundPoint
  • Compatible with all SurfLink Accessories
  • iQ Boost


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