Sonic Groove (MICRO CIC) 24 Channels


Sonic Innovations unveils the New Sonic Groove (MICRO CIC) (completely in the canal) Hearing Aid with Groove™ the most advanced and smallest digital hearing device in the world. It is totally a custom-made hassle- free gadget that allows you to enjoy any listening situation. There is no external wind noise, no problem using the phone and absolutely no complications at all.

Sonic’s smallest hearing aid is called the Groove. Sonic mainly famous for its invisible hearing aids with their enormous features in different price range categories. Here, we provide the best deals for all types of hearing instrument as per user requirements.



  • Technology jives with your lifestyle as you wear Groove™ comfortably and so perfectly fitted out of sight that you may even forget you are wearing one. Sonic Innovations outdid itself once more by packing huge performance in such a tiny hearing aid device including automatic noise reduction, adaptive feedback cancellation and patented 24-channel Sonic Sound™ digital processing for natural sound quality.
  • Groove™ is an exciting virtually invisible product that has the ability to master noisy situations while providing the natural sound. It is one of the new products released in recent months to meet the growing demand for hearing aids designed for persons with mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • Groove™ is your way to better hearing. Your hearing aid has been programmed to meet your unique requirements and if you are not satisfied, simply request your healthcare provider to make necessary changes to improve the sound.


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