Sonic FLIP 100 (WIRELESS RIC) is a product of sonic industries which comes under Flip.Flip uses our new Speech Variable Processing platform as well as our Speech Priority Noise Reduction. These features are designed to provide natural sound and to address speech intelligibility in the presence of background noise. Flip also has a new adaptive feedback cancelling system. The directional features in Flip address very challenging noise situations. As I mentioned, Flip has several wireless connectivity options, including connectivity to external audio sources.


  • Speech Variable Processing
  • Freq. Bandwidth 10kHz
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller
  • Wind NR, Impulse NR
  • Soft NRĀ & Speech Priority NR 4 levels
  • Hybrid Adaptive Dir.
  • Adaptive Dir.
  • Binaural Volume & Program change
  • 14 Environment Environment Classification
  • Non-Telephone Ear Control with (Auto Telephone)
  • 4 ManualĀ Listening Programs
  • Data Logging, Data Learning
  • Auto Telephone Detection


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