Siemens RIC BTE Pure 3mi (Twin Mic)

99,990.00 74,999.00

The Siemens RIC BTE Pure 3mi (Twin Mic) is the most popular style in their RIC range, and is capable of full wireless and Bluetooth communication.  Sporting a size 312 battery, it will last about 7-10 days on a single battery.  It also has the unique option of a rechargeable battery, with a dedicated extra charger.  Still very small, and in a huge variety of stylish colours, it can support a wide range of hearing losses from very mild to severe.  It can be optioned with either a program button or a volume control.  In the new Binax range, there is a smartphone app for taking advantage of the specialist wireless features available in the hearing aids.


  • New robust and reliable design Programmable.
  • Exchangeable user controls Color exchange concept Size 312 standard.
  • Rechargeable battery Battery door on/off Ingress Protection.
  • Rating 67 o IPX7 water resistance for immersion in up to 1 m of water for 30 min o IP6X full dust protection for uncompromising quality and safety.


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