Siemens Intuis S Dir BTE (Twin Mic)

15,990.00 11,999.00

Siemens Hearing Aid Intuis S Dir BTE Fully Digital 4-Channel Behind-the-Ear Instrument For Mild to Moderate Hearing Losses The Intuis offers more features than any other hearing aid in its class, and is designed to deliver some of the latest hearing aid technology advances in performance, reliability, and comfort – at an affordable price.


  • Feedback cancellation – virtually eliminates feedback without affecting sound quality
  •  Directional microphone – most effective way to improve your understanding of speech in noisy environments
  •  Noise reduction technology – mechanical sounds like the hum of an air conditioner or traffic noise are noticeably reduced Features: 1. For mild to moderate hearing losses 2. Programmable, 4-channel digital signal processing 3. Nanocoated housing – improves resistance to moisture
  •  Background noise reduction
  •  Feedback cancellation
  •  Up to three individual listening programs
  •  NO volume control wheel
  •  Push-button control to cycle through your individual listening programs
  •  Standard telecoil
  •  High performance directional microphone
  •  Audible alert tones for low battery and program change


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