Siemens BTE Intuis Pro S Dir (Twin Mic)

19,990.00 14,999.00

Siemens BTE Intuis Pro S Dir (Twin Mic)  is for Mild to Moderate Loss and uses Siemens Nano-coating technology to protect them from the moisture. Siemens is one of the big name of hearing aid industry which provides best hearing instruments in different price range categories as per client need. Here On Siemens BTE Intuis Pro S Dir (Twin Mic), we provide the latest best deals on this product which fits best to buyers pocket. We provide free  shipping facility in India and also world wide with lowest price rate.


  • Nano-coating
    Unique protection for BTE models from moisture and debris.
  • Ear-hook
    For a comfortable fit.
  • Directional microphones
    Help understanding in difficult listening situations by focusing sound from in front of you while reducing noises from other directions.
  • Volume control – Not available in Intuis Pro S DIR
    For easy volume adjustments.
  • Push Button
    Allows you to change programs and turn your instruments on and off comfortably.
  • Battery door functions
    1. Battery door on/off
    Press the battery compartment to the rear down to the first stop to turn the instrument OFF. Fully close the battery compartment to turn the instrument ON.
    2. Battery compartment lock
    When the battery compartment lock is enabled, the compartment is automatically locked when closed. This prevents the unintentional removal of batteries. The locked battery compartment can be opened by a few millimetre in order to turn the hearing instrument off via the battery compartment.
  • Audio shoe 
    The optional audio shoe enables direct audio connection. It is compatible with nearly all FM systems and provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio for learning in school or at home.


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