Phonak Audéo Q 30 – 10**

32,000.00 28,800.00

Phonak Audeo Q – available in three distinct models. The Audeo Q-10 model is a direct replacement for the Audeo S Mini, with a size 10 battery and in common with the Mini having the wireless functionality stripped out in favour of a (slightly) smaller frame.Q-312 version,comes  with a 312 battery and full wireless capabilities. Also available, a new model in the Audeo range of hearing aids is the Q-312T, slightly larger version of a Q-312 with a telecoil built in, certainly a useful extra feature worth having for some.

The Audeo Q30-10 is a sleek designed non-wireless hearing aid that has the Tinnitus Balance Sound Generator. We are one of the, Phonak Audeo Q30 10 supplier, distributor and dealer of Phonak Hearing Aid Audeo Q30 10 RIC for deaf in India.


  • SoundRecover
  • NoiseBlock Essential
  • UltraZoom Essential
  • WhistleBlock
  • Everyday automatic programme
  • Tinnitus balance noise generator
  • Auto Acclimatization
  • Audéo Q 10 is non-wireless and its only compatible with FM


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