Oticon HIT PRO Power BTE


Oticon is one of the big name of hearing aid industry which provides best hearing instruments in different price range categories as per client need. Here On Oticon HIT PRO Power BTE, we provide the latest best deals on this product which fits best to buyers pocket. We provide free  shipping facility in India and also world wide with lowest price rate.

Oticon Hit Pro Power Designed for People Who Want to buy a Reliable, Simple and affordable Solution. It Has Proven Features and Offers to your Ears clean and Comfortable Sound, Better Speech and Ambient Noise Reduction. Makes the Process of Getting Used to the Machine Soft.


  • High quality sound processing platform RISE.
  • Constant optimum sound quality, thanks to automatically receive focus and adaptive noise reduction.
  • Oticon’s best defense against feedback, implemented a new and improved system of Dynamic feedback cancellation DFC2.
  • Automatic Adaptation Manager – gradually increases gain to the prescribed level, and makes the process of getting used to the machine soft.
  • New Setup Genie – a quick and intuitive setup to facilitate the processes of consultation and fine-tuning.
  • Protection against wind noise.
  •  Wireless Setup.
  • Direct Audio Input (DAI).
  • FM-compatibility.
  •  Telecoil.
  • The battery indicator.


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