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The INTERTON START BTE 70 D VC range of hearing systems offers you a no-compromise choice at a truly outstanding price. Interton offers a hearing aid for every need and every budget. Our well-proven hearing aids are simple and easy-to-use and they come at an affordable price. Never before has a budget device included so many features that have been proven to aid better hearing.

 2: Ease of use
Start hearing systems have been designed for simple operation. For example, we use a traditional ‘number’ display on the volume control so that you can easily adjust or check your volume level.
3: Proven technology
Developed by one of the world’s largest hearing system manufacturers, Start’s advanced digital technology is well-proven.



  • Directionality (1 and 2 microphone configurations) – Better hearing experience in noisy face-to-face conversations
  • 3 Environmental Programs for optimal hearing in various situations
  • Background Noise Reduction for better and more comfortable hearing in noisy environments
  • Thin tube and Open fitting gives great look and comfortable wear
  • Digital Feedback Suppression allows for higher gain and more relaxed hearing


  • Push button :Yes
  • Push button :Yes
  • Volume control :Yes
  • Dual microphone :Yes
  • DAI capabilities (BTEs): Yes
  • Telecoil :Yes
  • Open/Thin tube fitting :Yes
  • WDRC Channels :6
  • Gain handles :3
  • Comfort programs :3
  • Microphone noise reduction :Yes
  • Adaptive feedback cancellation :Yes
  • Directional choices :Omni
  • DataLogging :NO
  • Wind noise reduction :No
  • Environmental gain tuner :No
  • Learning VC :No
  • Acclimatization manager :No
  • Signal tones :Yes
  • Stand-by mode :Yes
  • Power-on delay :No
  • Adjustable Crossover-Frequency :No
  • Automatic Beam Width :No
  • Bass Boost :No
  • Feedback Guard :No
  • Fitting protection :No
  • Selectable beam widths :No
  • SoundScape technology :No


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