Interton BTE 570

90,000.00 64,999.00

The new digital programmable Interton BTE 570 is a premium-class product which provides highly adaptive hearing systems, able to cope with all the situations that make up the life of your customers. Intelligent functionality, maximum wearer convenience and ultimate hearing performance ensure that the hearing system will fit your customer like a glove.


• Logarithmic 12 Channel WDRC

• 9 Gain Handles in Fitting Software

• Adaptive Noise Reduction

• Wind Noise Reduction

• Microphone Noise Reduction

• Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

• Data Logging

• Push Button with up to 4 Programs

• Telecoil with M-T Balance

• Adaptive Directionality/ 2 microphones

• Digital Volume Toggle/ Learning VC

• Power-on Delay • Stand-by Mode

• Audible Signal Tones

• Earwax Management System

• Open and Closed configuration

• On/Off switch via the battery door

• Left/right side indicators

• Direct Audio Input with automatic DAI detection


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