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RESOUND Ziga 81-DVI POWER BTE┬áis the most comfortable hearing instrument on the market and its small lightweight design makes it user friendly. It has an open “fitting design” which means that sound can travel freely into and out of the ear and makes the sound of your own voice sound clear and natural. It is suitable for people having mild to profound hearing losses.


  • Its three main design and technological features combine to give you a synergy of perfect sound.
  • Advanced technology enables ReSound Ziga to automatically adjust to different listening situations.
  • It is also equipped with the sophisticated Noise Tracker technology that reduces overall noise extremely effectively yet still preserves speech.
  • 9 Band and 9 Channel WRAP
  • 2 Environmental Programs + Telecoil + DAI
  • Adaptive Directionality, Soft Switching, Fixed Directionality
  • Noise Tracker : -3 dB, -6dB,
  • Dual Stabilizer II DFS
  • Data Logging


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