DANAVOX SAP 270 DVI BTE Open/Classic

20,000.00 15,300.00

Danavox is a part of the GN Group, which is one of the world’s largest hearing aid companies. It’s our passion to develop hearing aids that allow people to live the life they want and communicate freely in any situation.

DANAVOX SAP 370 DVI BTE OPEN/CLASSIC is a Mild-Profound Product of Sap 3 in Danavox. Its Battery type is 13 and also have low rate in other sap product comparison.


  • 7 Channel  and 7 Band
  • Battery Type- 13
  • Category – Mild Profound
  • 2 Environmental Program
  • Dual Stabilizer-II SDA with Whistle Control,
  • Spectral SNR,
  • Confort Fit,
  • Adaptive Directionality
  • Datalogging,
  • In-Situ Audiometry,
  • Easy-On,
  • Nano-coating,
  • Magnet Pro,
  • DAI.


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