Danavox EOS 562 DWVI RIE hearing aid (1 piece)- moderate to severe Danavox is a part of the gn group, which is one of the world’s largest hearing aid companies. It’s our passion to develop hearing aids that allow people to live the life they want and communicate freely in any situation.

This Product is one of the most affordable product in this price range. It gives a new life to person having Hearing problem. It is one of the most affordable product in Audiological equipment in past few years.



  • 9 Channel and 9 Band
  • Battery Type- 312
  • Category – Mild Profound
  •  3 Programs (1 Automatic & 2 Flexible)
  • Spectral SNR,
  • SDA Plus Feedback Guard,
  • Confort Fit,
  • Adaptive  Directionality
  • Datalogging,
  • In-Situ Audiometry,
  • Easy-On,
  • Nano-coating,
  • Magnet Pro,
  • DAI,
  • Wireless Programming,
  • Control Vox,
  • Tele Vox,
  • Micro Vox


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