Bernafon Supremia SR 7 SPx

125,000.00 105,000.00

Bernafon SUPREMIA 7 – High-quality sound in all listening situations is provided thanks to ChannelFree™ signal processing. Natural and accurate amplification makes communication easier.

Connect and talk wirelessly using your SoundGate as a Bluetooth® interface between your mobile phone and your hearing aids. Or use the discreet SoundGate Mic for one-to-one communication in noisy environments to understand speech more easily. Or stream the sound directly from your TV to your hearing aids using SoundGate with the TV Adapter.

For people with a severe to profound hearing loss, it is usually a special challenge to hear high-frequency sounds. Frequency Composition™ transfers high-frequency sound components from the source to a lower destination range. This makes it easier to hear important speech cues.


  • True Directionality
  • Environment Optimizer
  • Auto Telephone detection
  • Smart VC
  • Transient Noise Reduction*
  • Reverb Reduction
  • Up to 13 listening program options
  • Includes all features of Supremia 3


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