Bernafon MOVE 400

90,000.00 62,999.00

Bernafon is a Swiss hearing health company that specializes in hearing instruments. Bernafon belongs to the Danish William Demant Holding Group which is among the largest hearing instrument manufacturers worldwide.

Bernafon MOVE 400 is a reliable product for cost conscious client and one of the most sold online products in categories of Audiological equipment. Here, we provide Free home delivery option in India and also ships products over world wide at fixed low price rate.


  • Mark Bernafon type CIC-intra auricular range Move
  • Number of channels 7
  • digital: Yes
  • Bluetooth: no
  • Decrease ambient noise: Yes
  • Anti-whistling: Yes
  • Rechargeable: no
  • Remote control (optional): Yes
  • class Class d battery 10 Battery life About 7 days guarantee 2 years


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