Bernafon IN 3 CIC P

40,000.00 29,999.00

Bernafon IN 3 CIC P InTthe,Inizia family is equipped with proven Bernafon proprietary ChannelFreeā„¢ technology. Combined with adaptive features, this provides improved speech intelligibility and listening comfort.
The Inizia comes in a number of styles including; CIC (Completely in Canal), ITE/ITC (In the Ear/Canal), RITE (Receiver in the Ear) and BTE (Behind the Ear).


  • Bernafon ChannelFreeā„¢ signal processing
  • 8 kHz frequency bandwidth
  • Adaptive Directionality in 2 bands
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction in 8 bands with 2 control states
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller
  • Multi-Environment Program
  • Advanced Soft Noise Management with 2 controls


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