A&M Aurora 4 Pro (Open Fit)

21,990.00 16,499.00

A&M has always Strived to offer Products Capable of Meeting. A&M Aurora 4 Pro is A&M Fully Digital & Programmable Hearing Product. A&M Aurora 4 Pro (Open Fit) is one of the most affordable product in this price range. It gives a new life to person having Hearing problem. It is one of the most affordable product in Audiological equipment having battery size-13 and fitting range 0-80 db.


  • Fully digital WDRC A&Mplifier
  • Directional microphone
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Open Tube fitting option
  • Add-on features for enhanced user convenience
  • Fully Digital
  • Range 0-80db
  • 4 Channel


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