A&M Aurora 2 Pro CIC

18,990.00 14,299.00

A&M Has Always Strived To Offer Products Capable Of Meeting. The A&M Aurora 2 Pro CIC has achieved a Profile Capable of Ensuring that all Budget-Conscious Consumers Receive the Benefits of Enhanced Digital Technology. A&M Aurora 2 Pro CIC is one of the most affordable product in this price range. It gives a new life to person having Hearing problem. It is one of the most affordable product in Audiological equipment having fitting range 5-80db.


  • A&M Aurora 2 Pro Cic Fully Digital,Range 5-80Db and 2 Channel
  • Manufactured By Siemens having More Than 100 Years Of Experience And Tradition
  • Now Published, As A Profile Capable Of Ensuring That All Budget-Conscious Consumers Receive The Benefits Of Enhanced Digital Technology.


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