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AM- 66 AOPP offers capable hearing solutions that help people in their day-to-day listening situations so that they can retain their active lifestyle. At A&M we focus on the substantial: providing well-proven digital hearing aids that everybody can use. It has one Channel,Range(0-115db) and Battery Size: AA. It is mainly known for its Simple design and Robust Structure.


  •  Body aid with powerful amplifier
  •  Compact housing in modern design
  •  Suitable for mild to profound hearing losses
  •  Output compression control
  •  Tone control (NH)
  •  Large volume control dial numbered 1-8 for easy setting
  •  Black cord and receiver
  •  Reversible clip
  •  AAA battery size
  •  Telecoil
  •  Direct Audio Input Accessories
  •  External microphone
  •  Harness for pediatric fitting
  •  Y-cord for binaural fitting
  •  Various cord lengths
  •  External Bone Conductor


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