Alps Erika CIC Power (Digital)

10,900.00 8,299.00

Alps Erika CIC Power is Developed using latest Hearing Technology which is mainly known for its adaptive feedback and Auto noise Reduce System. It is a reliable product for cost conscious client and one of the most sold online products in categories of Audiological equipment.


  •  Rapid FIT with Adaptive Digital features .
  •  2 Channels and 4 Channels in Classique
  •  Volume Control with numbering for easy indication .
  •  Adaptive feedback Cancellation
  •  Robust Design
  •  Auto Noise Reductive System
  •  Multi Versions
  •  Trimmer Based
  •  4 Memory (Plus Version )
  •  Special model with OTM also available
  •  Babble Cancellor


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