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Phonak Launches New Naida V Hearing Aid Range

Phonak Launches New Naida V Hearing Aid Range:-Phonak Launches New Naida V

In Hearing Aid Industry Phonak has a long history, and is renowned for hearing device solutions for severe to profound hearing loss. They have just launched their latest addition at a launch event I attended in Dublin. Let’s meet the Naida Venture range .

Phonak have just launched the latest addition to their now famous Naida range in the UK and Ireland. First things first, the full launch cycle isn’t finished and the devices won’t actually be available for order until the first of May. Not too long to wait though for what seems to be an outstanding solution for people with severe or profound hearing loss.

Based On Venture Platform:-

The Venture stage has been outstandingly generally welcomed and even long haul Phonak clients are overwhelmed by the upgrades that it has carried with it. The new Naida V range is accessible in four levels of innovation which incorporate the V90, V70, V50 and V30. A tiny bit of history here, the first Naida was initially propelled in 2007 and it rapidly turned into the go to portable hearing assistant for treating individuals with serious to significant hearing misfortune. I recall when it was initially propelled and the reaction to it when I initially fitted it.

It truly was a leap forward gadget despite the fact that we would expect taht from an organization who has a long history with hearing answers for individuals with extreme to significant hearing misfortune. The new range carries new styles with significantly littler and more intense gadgets than accessible in the more established Naida Quest extend. It likewise presents some extraordinary refreshed components with another Sound Recover procedure to convey however much discourse data as could reasonably be expected without bringing about contortion.

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Problem In Hearing loss:-

In the case of Matt’s hearing loss we could not help him with the high frequency cues in speech with a Traditonal fit. He can’t receive the information, With people like Matt, frequency compression or transposition comes into it’s own. With this strategy, we can move those high frequency cues down to an area where he still has hearing. This is why Naida using the Sound Recover strategy is the right fit for Matt and others like him. This type of hearing loss causes major issues with the things that we take for expected like using the phone and listening to TV. Even with a decent set of hearing aids, both of these situations can be problematic, that is why we need to look at an integrated solution.



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