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Com-Dex Remote Mic Introduced by Widex for Difficult One-to-One Listening Situations

Com Dex Remote Mic Introduced by Widex for Difficult One-to-One Listening Situations:-

The COM-DEX Remote Mic is an extra to the COM-DEX remote Bluetooth embellishment from Widex. Intended for Com Dex Remote Mic
troublesome coordinated listening circumstances, for example, uproarious eateries, classrooms, or gathering social affairs—the remote mic is cut onto the speaker’s garments and can be controlled by means of the COM-DEX application. Sound is then spilled specifically to the wearer’s Widex portable amplifiers by means of the COM-DEX.

Another assistive listening gadget intended to help portable hearing assistant wearers to hear discourse in the most troublesome coordinated circumstances has been presented by Widex, Hauppauge, NY.

As indicated by Widex, the new remote mic presents to 8 hours of gushing time, with a 33-foot run for simple discussion. Remote association by means of COM-DEX can be accomplished to all Widex listening devices, and a refreshed COM-DEX App for remote control of the mic is currently accessible. The remoted mic battery can be completely charged following 3 hours.


Widex President Jeffrey Geigel says that the COM-DEX Remote Mic is an important expansion to the Widex group
of assistive listening gadgets. “Our portable hearing assistants as of now help individuals to hear discourse in boisterous conditions,” said Geigel in a press proclamation. “The COM-DEX Remote Mic is composed as an extra for those circumstances where foundation clamor is particularly exceptional. This is the response to troublesome balanced listening circumstances.”

The COM-DEX Remote Mic is currently accessible available to be purchased in the United States( For points of interest, contact For Purchasing Latest Widex Products.

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